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I've finally been able to add my Minimalist Classroom Library Labels to my TPT shop! 

This has been  a true work of love - I've had the idea in my head for years and finally (thanks to the ease of these labels mainly) found a simple way to make my plan come to life.  I had previously tried making labels for my books by cutting each one out individually and taping it on to each book. Talk about time consuming! Now all I needed to do was pop the sticker labels into my printer and print! Instant circle stickers for each book. :)

There are 100 different labels, each with a bin label and corresponding sticker labels. Each sheet of sticker labels prints 24 stickers, which has been sufficient for most of my bins. It's been nice to have a few extra on hand for when I add new books to my library. 

The labels included are: 
- Art
- Apples
- Arctic Animals
- Bugs
- Canada
- Christmas
- Community Helpers
- Princess
- Easter
- Fairy Tales
- Family
- Farm 
- Halloween
- Ocean
- Math
- Pets
- Plants
- Pumpkins
- Jungle
- School
- Space
- Sports
- St. Patrick's Day
- Summer
- Autumn
- Winter
- Spring
- Thanksgiving
- Transportation
- Trees
- Valentine's Day
- Weather
- Travel
- Food
- Puzzles
- Superhero
- Literacy
- Science
- Social Studies
- Read Along
- Class Books
- Graphic Novels
- Poetry
- Adventure
- Biography
- Historical
- Fantasy
- How-To
- Mystery
- Science Fiction
- Class Favourites 
- Fiction
- Non-Fiction
- Animal Fiction
- Animal Non-Fiction
- Guided Reading Levels AA - Z+

An editable file is included in case you want to change the wording of any of the labels. I've also included additional images in case you want to use them to create your own labels - ice cream, palm tree, flower, rainbow, cactus, penguin, fox, gift, doughnut, llama, pizza, bee, book. 

I don't know about you, but I love having a really natural, reggio-inspired look to my classroom. These labels complement that nicely I find. When things are too busy, colourful, and distracting, I find both my students and myself don't function as well. These help give my classroom library the calming look I'm going for. :)

The product is 25% off for the first week (until Sunday, May 27, 2018).

Minimalist Library Labels

Looking to try a free sample first? This includes the labels for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Animal Fiction, and Animal Non-Fiction. :)

Minimalist Library Labels FREE Sample

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